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Fate, Destiny and Self-Determination/Le Sort, Destin and l’Auto-determination is a tapestry installation generously funded by the Ontario Arts Council and co-created by people all over the world. Composed of three sections, it was designed and managed by Line Dufour, who wove the first panel  measuring 5’ x 3’ and exemplifies the  contemporary practice of tapestry weaving, where artist and weaver are one and the same. The second panel, measuring 5’ x 18” was woven by visiting participants ranging from the inexperienced and amateur to the professional. This referenced traditional tapestry conventions in that many weavers worked on the tapestry at the same time or at various stages and did not contribute to creating  the tapestry designs. I documented those who wove this section both in pictures and video and as the project progressed.

The final section is composed of irregular shapes positioned  at varying heights, between the 2 main panels, floating freely in space, as though the tapestry is pulling apart or coming together.  As each shape arrived, Dufour documented each one with a photograph it, posted it to the Facebook page for the project HERE. Each shape is also posted on Instagram @tapestryline and Twitter Information about theparticipants such as their website if they have one, and other comments they have made about the project or about their work and/or life are also included in the social media post. Thus far, 1064 completed shapes have been received from 44 countries, and a total of about 636 people have participated in the entire project. The list of all participant are included in each exhibition. The installation has been exhibited in Germany, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Uruguay and China. It has been featured in numerous international publications, including ArtTapestry and FibreArtNow.



Below are the names of those who have contributed to the installation: 

Abhainn Wheler, Ireland

Adriana Bodescu, Romania

Agata Zielinska-Glowacka, Poland 

Agatha Bonadio, Ontario Canada              

Agota Dolinay, Ontario, Canada  

Agneta B. Lind, Sweden

Agnieszka Cecylia Kazala, Poland.

Agnieszka Krzysiak, Poland     

Aicha Khanam, Ontario, Canada

Aikaterini Koutroubi Greece 

Alvaro Diego Gomez Campuzano, Colombia        

Alex Friedman, California, USA    

Alfonso Yen-Ju Peng, Taiwan 

Alice Doyle, Ireland

Aliona Carpov, Morocco

Alisa McRonald, Ontario, Canada   

Allende Arnaiz Garmendia, Pays Basque, Spain                         

Allison Turner, Ontario, Canada

Amalia Gallego, Spain

Amalia Campos Juarez, Spain

Amalia Leschamps, Spain  

Amelia Caulfield, Ireland

Ana Maria Sanchez 

Andrée G. Faubert

Andreia Peixoto, Brazil              

Andrew Winter, Ontario, Canada

Aneesha Parrone, Colorado, USA  

Anet Brusgaard, Denmark 

Angela Elsey, California USA 

Angela Forte, Ireland

Ania Gilmore, New Hampshire USA

Anita Caron, Quebec, Canada

Ann Marie Miller, New Jersey

Ann Julie Desmeures, Quebec Canada

Ann Pierson, Florida, USA

Anna Boyadjieva, Bulgaria

Anna Jesinowicz-Nguyen, Poland

Annonymous, Norway

Anna Chandler, Ontario, Canada

Anna Mandziak, Poland

Anna Solecka-Herda, Poland                                           

Anna Zaniewicka-Golisezewska, Poland

Anne Doyle, Ireland

Anne Miller, Australia

Anne Warburton, Ontario Canada

Anne Odell, Ontario, Canada

Anne Reagan, Vermont, USA

Anne van den Heuvel, Netherlands

Anne-Marie Duterte, France

Antje Goldflam, CT, USA

Anton Veenstra, Australia                                    

Arlette Schulman, Ontario, Canada

Aruna Reddy, UK

Astrid Polman, Netherlands

Bambi Rutledge, Ontario, Canada

Barb Hilts, Ontario, Canada

Barbara Aikman, Ontario

Barbara Basiewicz, Poland

Barbara Bielecka-Wozniczko, Poland

Barbara Burns, Maine, USA

Bárbara Hassen, Argentina

Barbara Heller, BC, Canada

Barbara Roe Hebb, Australia

Barbro Frimodig, Sweden

Beata Wietrzynska, Poland

Beatriz A. Renard, Argentina

Beatriz Oggero, Bolivia

Benthe Ibsen, Denmark

Bernadette Gilbert, Quebec, Canada

Birgitta Hallberg, Denmark

Bernadeta Nowak, Poland

Bernard Ossant, France     

Betty Cuykx, Belgium   

Beverly Weaver, Colorado, USA 

Boisali Biswas, Michigan, USA

Bonni Opthof, Washington, USA       

Bonnie Klatt, New York, USA

Bozena Balik, Poland

Bozenna Leszczynska, Poland

Bozenna Lopuszanska-Osucha, Poland

Bronislava Bacilková, Czech Republic

Bunty Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Cait Barden, Ireland

Carla Duncan, Ontario, Canada

Carmen Imbach, Argentina

Carmen Izquierdo, Spain

Carole Bédard, Québec, Canada

Carole Bretzloff-Holmes, Québec, Canada

Carol Howard Donati, Ontario Canada

Carol Seeds, New Mexico, USA

Carol Turner, Florida, USA

Carole Baillargeon, Quebec, Canada

Carole Neely,  Ontario, Canada

Carole Van Buskirk, California USA

Carolina Berta, Uruguay

Caroline Forcier Holloway, Ontario, Canada

Carolyn Perry, UK

Caterina Fiore, Italy

Catherine A. Markey, California USA

Catherine Brackley, Ontario

Catherine Constantin, France

Catherine Lacroix, Quebec, Canada

Catherine Mapp, Maryalnd, USA

Cecilia Koppman, Argentina

Cecilia Martinez, Mexico

Celine Caron, Quebec, Canada

Chandra Rice, Ontario, Canada

Chantal Harvey,  Quebec, Canada

Cheryl Raymond, Ontario, Canada

Cheryl Seaton,  Ontario, Canada

Chiachio Giannone, Argentina

Christa Weitbrecht, Germany

Christina Margharetha, Ontario Canada

Christina Schmidt, California USA

Christine Anderson, MA USA

Christine Giraldi , Ontario, Canada

Christine Pradel-Lien, France

Christine Rivers, British Columbia Canada

Christine Shipley, Ontario Canada  

Christine Sylvestre, Quebec, Canada                  

Chung-Ja Jackson, Ontario, Canada  

Claire Buckley, England UK

Claire John, Ontario, Canada                

Clare Coyle, Scotland

Claudia González Báez, México

Claudia Pagola, Uruguay

Claudia Randall, South Dakota, USA

Cos Ahmet, UK

Cosma Tosca Bolgiani, Italy

Cresside Collette, Australia

Cynthia Miller, Minnesota, USA

Danuta Danes-Dzikiewicz, Poland

Danuta Kasinska, Poland

Darlene Haywood, Ontario

David Comeford , Ireland

Deann Rubin, Missouri, USA

Debbie Harris, Ontario, Canada                         

Debbie Herd, Australia

Debbie Hoover, Colorado USA

Debbie Thompson, California USA

Deborah Corsini, California, USA

Deirdre Meyer, Ontario, Canada

Denise Blanchard, Chile

Diane Nunes, MA USA

Dianne Cruttenden Kennedy, Ontario Canada

Dianne John, Ontario Canada

Dolores S. Slowinski

Donna L. Bird, Alberta , Canada

Donna Kim, Ontario Canada

Donna Millen, British Columbia, Canada

Donna Movsovich, New York USA

Donna Wills, Ontario, Canada  

Dorota Wronska, Poland    

Dorothy Clews, Australia                                      

Eileen Ostrowski, Ontario, Canada

Eileen Shortis, Ireland

Elaine Duncan, BC, Canada  

Eliane Hartog Italy  

Elena Iuzuka, Brazil    

Elizabeth Bovi, Argentina 

Elizabeth Derry, California USA                       

Elizabeth Evans, Ontario, Canada

Elizabet Tyrwhitt, Ontario Canada

Elizabeth Pulos, Washington USA

Elizabeth R. Murdoch, British Columbia, Canada

Elizabeth Thimlar, New Brunswick, Canada

Elke Hulse, Brazil

Elke O'Rafferty, Ireland

Ellen Allas, Ontario, Canada

Ellen Robertson, Michigan USA

Elzbieta Kuzniar, Poland

Elzbieta Zatoka, Poland

Émilie Laverdière, Quebec, Canada

Emily Honderich, Ontario, Canada

Emma Jo Webster, Scotland

Emmanuelle Holmes, Australia

Emoke tapisserie, Marseille, France

Enes Kurtovic, Bosnia

Erica Diazoni, Switzerland

Erika Ewel, Bolivia

Erin Lewis, Ontario Canada

Erin Noble, Washington, USA

Ewa Bartosz-Mazus, Poland

Ewa Eisner, Poland

Ewa Kaminska, Poland

Ewa Lukiewska, Poland

Ewa Maria Poradowska-Werszler, Poland

Ewa Misiak, Poland

Ewa Osinska-Rozpedek, Poland

Faith Varrone, Pennsylvania, USA

Felicina Pastorino Italy

Felipe Maqueira, Uruguay

Florence Harvey, Québec, Canada

Frances Crowe, Ireland

Frances Leach, Ireland

Francois Seguin, Ontario, Canada   

Francoise Chartrand, Quebec, Canada     

Gabriel Sara, Uruguay             

Gabriela Nirino, Argentina

Gail Gilmore, Ontario, Canada

Galdriel Breezy, Oregon USA

Geraldine Beirne, Ireland

Gerardine Murphy, Ireland

Gerda Amoraal, Ontario Canada

Gert Rogers, Ontario, Canada

Ghyslaine Larouche, Quebec, Canada

Ginette Pigeon, Ontario, Canada

Ginny Wallace, Missouri, USA

Gisel Ambiela, Uruguay

Gitta Freter, Germany

Gosia Swiatla, Poland

Gracia Cutuli, Argentina

Graciela Reyes Briceno, Mexico

Gun Marie Nalsen Pennsylvania USA

Hagda Pakulska, Poland

Hanna Rulan, Poland

Hanna Wojdala-Markowska, Poland

Harrison Rokhlin, Ireland

Heather Laurie, Ontario, Canada

Heidi Gerrits, BC Canada

Helen Dewolf, Texas USA

Helene Dooley, Ireland

Henrietta Wiessing, Netherlands

Hilary Slater, Ontario, Canada

Honor FitzGerald, Ireland

Igor Chlabicz, Poland

Ilona Wroblewsa, Poland

Inge Peperkamp, The Netherlands

Ingrid Fish, Ontario, Canada

Ingrid Lincoln, Manitoba, Canada

Irene Gabinet, Ontario, Canada

Isabel Lucas, Ireland

Isabelle Woodhead-Magin, Netherlands  

Isaura Ramirez, Dominican Republic     

Iwonaa Szpakowicz, Canada

Ixchel Suarez, Ontario, Canada

J. Penney Burton, Nova Scotia, Canada

James Nightingale, New Brunswick, Canada

Jamileh Emdadian, Ontario  Canada

Jan De Meyer, Belgium

Jan Haase, Florida, USA

Jan Kinsman, England

Jan Leishman, Victoria , Australia

Jan Lyons, MA USA

Jane Donnelly, California USA

Janet Austin, Rhode Island, USA

Janet Clark, UK         

Janet Quilty, Australia

Janet Rinchiuso, MA , USA

Janette Gross, California, USA                            

Janette Meetze, Oklahoma, USA

Janis Hunter, Australia

Janna Hiemstra, Ontario , Canada

JaQueline Keller, Saskatchewan, Canada       

Jeanne Llewellyn, Australia

Jeanette Veillette Guindon, Quebec, Canada

Jeannie Koroluk, Canada

Jeannine de Rayemaecker, Belgium

Jennifer Bennett, UK

Jenny Duffield, Victoria, Australia

Jill Bidgood, Ontario, Canada

Jill Nicholson, California, USA

Jimena Risso, Uruguay

Joan Griffin, Virginia USA                     

Joan McKenzie, Ontario

JoAnn Vierkant, MA, USA

Joann Wilson, Florida USA

Joanna Alexandrowicz, Poland

Joanna Lohn-Zajac, Poland

Jocelyn Blouin, Québec, Canada

Joe Levreault, Ontario Canada

Joe Lewis, Ontario, Canada

John O'Shaughnessy, New York, USA

Jonni Webster, New York, USA

Jordan Dancer, California USA

Josée Savard, Québec, Canada

Joy Smith, Australia

Juana Sleizer, Ontario Canada            

Judite Vagners, Ontario, Canada  

Judith Dufresne, Québec    

Judith Mercier, Québec, Canada           

Judy Dominic, Ohio USA  

Judy Jones, MA, USA                                     

Judy Kogan, Argentina 

Julianna Joos, Quebec, Canada

Julieta Maldonado, Mexico   

Justyna Szluinska, Ontario, Canada                      

Jutta Polomski, Ontario, Canada

Kamila Wojciechowicz-Krauze, Poland

Karen Hartwell, Massachusetts, USA

Karen Leblanc, New Brunswick, Canada

Karen Miller, Ontario, Canada

Karen Piegorsch, Arizona, USA           

Karen Stevens, Australia     

Karen Thiessen, Ontario, Canada

Karen Wild, Ontario, Canada

Karena Ryan, Ireland

Karolina Nowaczyk, Poland  

Kasara Castell Whelan, Washington USA

Kate Colwell, California USA              

Kate Kitchen, Ontario, Canada 

Katharine Madge, Ireland

Katherine Akhtar Straznickas, California, USA

Katherine Curci, Ontario Canada 

Kathllen Barcoe, Ireland                        

Kathleen McDonald, Ontario, Canada

Kathy Fletcher, Ontario, Canada

Katia Wittock, Belgium  

Katie Purcell, Ireland                       

Katie Russell, Scotland 

Kiera Cox, Ireland

Kim Sutton, Oklahoma, USA                         

Kirsten Glasbrook, UK

Kirsten Rolle, Germany

Kirsty Naray, Ontario Canada

Kosmo Nauty, Czech Republic

Krista Pain, Ontario, Canada   

Krystyna Hendrychowska, Poland

Krystyna Jatkiewicz, Poland            

Krystyna Sadej, Ontario,  Canada

L. Tadeusz Serafin, Poland

Laura Daub, Ontario Canada

Laura de Vrij, Ontario, Canada

Laura Hodgdon, New Hampshire, USA

Laura Kamian-McDermott, California, USA   

Laura Kinzel, Saskatchewan, Canada  

Laurence Bacon, Québec, Canada

Laurie Carlson Steger, RI USA

Lee Leibrandt, Australia

Leen Sprangers, Belgium

Leisa Rich, Georgia, USA

Lenneke Overmaat, The Netherlands

Leo Daniel, Argentina

Leonore Johnston, Ontario Canada  

Leslie Munro, BC, Canada    

Letitia Roller, New Mexico, USA   

Lidia Zieminska, Poland     

Lidwine Harpaz-Kleintjes, Israel

Lin Lecheng, China

Linda Cunningham, Alberta, Canada

Linda Martin, Ontario, Canada

Linda Maxwell, Nova Scotia Canada

Linda Rhynard, RI, USA

Linda VanWyk, Ontario,  Canada

Lindsey Marshall, UK

Line Dufour, Ontario, Canada

Lis Baston, Ontario, Canada

Lisa Almeida, New Hampshire, USA

Liz Pead, Ontario, Canada

Liv Pedersen, Alberta, Canada 

Liz Bivens, Ontario, Canada  

Loree Ovens, Ontario, Canada                        

Lori Laberge, North Carolina, USA  

Lorna Davidson Morrish Scotland 

Lorraine Roy, Ontario Canada 

Lou Andreas, Spain

Louis Saulnier, Quebec, Canada

Louise Fulton,  Ontario, Canada

Louise Halsey, Arkansas, USA

Louise Lemieux Berube, Quebec , Canada  

Lucia Schnog, Curacao 

Luciane Sell da Silva, Brazil  

Lucienne Smagala, France

Lynn Ruff, Ontario Canada

Lynne Forrester, Ontario, Canada

Madeleine Boucher, Quebec, Canada

Madeleine Darling-Tung, Ontario Canada

Magenta Kang, United Kingdom

Mai-Liis Toome, Ontario, Canada

Malavika Mandal Andrew, India

Malgorzata Bibrowicz, Poland

Malgorzata Sosnowska-Gondek, Poland

Malgorzata Swiatla, Poland

Mara Lusis, Ontario, Canada

Maria Espinosa Cavada, Chile

Marie Éve Tremblay, Québec, Canada 

Margaret F Jones, England UK

Margareta Sorlin, Sweden

Margherita Fergnachino, Italy

Mari Sol, Spain

Maria Almanza, Belgium

Maria Carmen von Linsingen, Brazil

Maria Jelowicka, Poland

Maria Kirkova, Bulgaria

Maria Palshina, Chile

Maria Ortega, Spain

Marian Constantino , Argentina  

Marian Matson,  Ontario, Canada

Mariana Bidinost, Argentina

Mariana Cámara Rivera, México

Mariana Campini, Argentina

Marie Bergstedt, California, USA

Marie Louise Simons, Netherlands

Marie Thumette Brichard, France

Marie-Paule Moulin, Quebec, Canada

Marika Szaraz, Belgium

Marilyn Rea-Menzies, New Zealand

Marina Btesh, Argentina

Marinés Bengoa Duprey, Costa Rica

Marion Kirkwood, Ontario, Canada

Marisa Calduch Juvés  

Marize Didone, Brazil

Mark Kirwan, Ireland

Maïté Tanguy, France

Maria Luisa Ferreira, Portugal

Maria Munoz, Spain

Maria Palshina, Chile

Marlene Berkert, Ireland

Marlene Stubbins, Ontario Canada

Marta Lachman, Poland

Marta Ruffino, Argentina

Marta Sanz Gonzalez, Pays Basque, Spain

Martha Alvarez, Colombia

Martina 'Kosmo Nauty', Czech Republic

Martina Muller, UK

Martine Tremblay, Quebec, Canada

Mary Ann Parker, California USA

Mary Armbrust, Ontario, Canada

Mary Cuthbert, Ireland

Mary Lane, Washington, USA

Mary Lou Ricci, MA, USA

Mary Rawcliffe Colton, NM, USA

Mary Severine, CA, USA

Marylis Costevec, France 

Mason Holmes, Québec, Canada

Matty Smith, UK                    

Maurice Poon, Ontario, Canada

Maximo Laura, Peru 

Maya de Acero, Uruguay                                              

Megan Cleland, Ontario, Canada

Mélanie Cros, France

Melanie Siegel, Ontario, Canada   

Meredith Filshie, Ontario, Canada                    

Merna Strauch, California, USA         

Meryl McDonald, Dumfries, Scotland

Micala Sidore, Massachusetts, USA

Michael F. Rohde, California, USA

Michele Dixon, Texas USA

Michelle Casey, Ontario Canada

Michelle Kortinen, Ontario, Canada

Michele Lasker, Oklahoma, USA

Micheline Doucet, Quebec Canada

Michelle Tse, Ontario, Canada

Mieke Klaase, the Netherlands

Mike Wallace, UK

Mimma Draga, Ontario, Canada

Mireil Fleuran, Quebec, Canada

Miriam Forristal, Ireland

Miriam Kaufman, Ontario Canada

Monica Murphy, Ontario, Canada

Mónica Pollero, Uruguay

Monica Rojo Rojas, Chile

Monique Lehman, California, USA

Murray Gibson, Nova Scotia, Canada

Myriam Jawerbaum, Argentina

Myrna Lindstrom, BC, Canada

Myroslava Boikiv, Ontario Canada

Myta, Florida, USA

Nadiya Sobolewska, Poland

Nancy Bavor, California USA

Nancy Kramer, NY, USA

Nancy Perry, MA,USA

Natalia Svetkova, Russia

Natalie Chetboun, Israel

Nathalie Monette, Quebec, Canada

Nathalie Rochard, France

Natividad Abad, Spain

Nicole Kirch, Tennessee, USA                            

Nicole Pohl, England

Ni Yuehong, China

Nilda Frenkiel, Uruguay

Noah Camps, Ireland

Noella Harvey, Québec, Canada

Noella Kyser, Ontario  Canada 

Nonna Ponomareva, Poland   

Noor Paulien, Netherlands

Octavia Forster, UK

Olinda Marcos Galizia, Brazil

Pam Hardman, Washington, USA                       

Pam Hutley, Australia

Pamela Ann McNeill, Ontario, Canada            

Pat Scholz, Australia,

Patricia Guarneros, Mexico

Patricial Phelan, Ontario, Canada

Patricia S. Pires, Brazil

Patricia Jordan, California, USA

Patricia V. Saporiti, Argentina

Patti Kirch, Washington, USA

Patti Wibe, Ontario, Canada

Paula Armstrong, England

Paulette Furnival, UK

Pauline Nijenhuis, Netherlands

Penelope Parx, Italy

Peter Harris, Ontario, Canada

Pia Skaarer-Nielsen, Nova Scotia, Canada

Pilar Morgan, Mexico

Pilar Tobon,Colombia

Rachelle Leblanc, Texas, USA

Ragen Tiliakos, MA, USA

Raquel Richardson, BC, Canada

Rebecca Mezoff, Colorado, USA

Regina Gosch, Germany

Rejean Arsenault, Quebec, Canada

Réjeanne Martel, Québec, Canada

Rena Roohipour, Ireland

Retta Rive, Ontario, Canada

Riikka Komonen, Finland

Rionna McGuinnes, Ireland

Rita Delfino Italy

Ro Spinelli, MA, USA

Robbie Lafleur, Minnesota, USA

Robert Wieczorek, Poland

Rocio Gomez Zalazar, Chile

Romina Ullee Riveros, Chile

Rosa Angela Bisio Robles, Mexico

Roselyne Guittier, France    

Rosemary Horton Anzicek, Michigan, USA

Ruby Jean Doyle, Ireland

Ruth Manning, Wisconsin, USA

Ruth McMullen, England, UK

Sabina Leske, Poland

Sandra Briney, Arizona, USA

Sandra Cartaxo, Brazil

Sandra Onetti, Florida USA

Sarah Bélanger, Quebec, Canada

Sarah Botara, Ontario Canada

Sarah Swett, Idaho, USA

Sayward Johnson, Ontario, Canada

Scott Ford, Ontario, Canada

Sean Paul Gallegos, New Mexico, USA

Shanna Robinson, Michigan, USA

Shannon Urhausen Oregon, USA

Sharon Greene, Ireland

Sharon Smith, Ohio, USA                                     

Sheila Brown, Scotland, UK

Sheilla Shojaie, Ontario Canada

Shelley Jones, Virginia USA

Sidsel Moreb, Florida, USA

Sienna Baranieski, Ontario, Canada

Silke Koch, Germany

Silvia Piza-Tandlich, Costa Rica

Silvia Umpierrez, Uruguay

Simona Comenescu, Ontario

Simonetta Battoia, Italy

Sofia Verna, Umbria, Italy 

Soledad Santisteban, Spain

Sondra Yeomans-Creasy, Ontario, Canada                   

Stella Tang, Ontario, Canada      

Stephanie Aacharer Ruhle, Colorado USA                        

Stephnie Cantoni, West Australia

Stewart Kelly, UK

Sue A. Parker Bassett, Indiana USA

Sue Porter Schwarz, Alabama USA   

Sue Turnbull, UK

Sue Weil, California, USA                  

Sue Weir, New Zealand

Summer Larson, California, USA                        

Susan Abrams, Ontario, Canada

Susan Butler, Ireland

Susan Iverson, Virginia, USA

Susan Knap, Florida, USA

Susan Mellor, Ontario, Canada

Susan Leavey, Massachusetts, USA

Susan Middleton, Ontario, Canada 

Susan Smart, Ontario, Canada 

Susana Molina B, Chile                 

Susana Riach, Denmark

Suzanne Lambert, Quebec, Canada

Suzanne Mitchell, Ontario, Canada

Suzanne Paquette, Quebec, Canada

Sylvia Bretzloff, Québec, Canada

Sylvie Faucher, Québec, Canada

Sylvie Guérin, Québec, Canada

Taeyoun Kim, Korea

Tania Slaughter, Ireland

Tea Okropiridze

Ted Hallman, USA

Teodozja Bujnowska-Niedzielska, Poland

Tere Benavente, Uruguay

Teresa Colfer, Ireland

Teresa Rucinska, Poland

Teresita Gonzalez, Uruguay

Teresita Leal, Argentina

Terry Dunne, Ireland

Terry Olson, Oregon, USA

Therese Jarry, Blaison, France            

Thomas Cronenberg, Germany

Tiffy Johnson, Ontario, Canada

Tina Struthers, Quebec, Canada

Tish Caniffe, Ireland

Tiziana Tateo, Italy

Tommye Scanlin, Georgia, USA

Torunn Sodenberg, Norway

Tove Vind Kjellerup, Denmark

Tracey Lawko, Ontario, Canada

Tricia Goldberg, California, USA

Trish Grahm, BC, Canada

Uisce Jakubczyk, Ireland

Uli Sylvestre, Quebec, Canada

Ulrikka Mokdad, Denmark  

Ursula Gerber Senger, Switzerland 

Valerie Knapp, Ontario, Canada

Valya , California USA

Verena Butler, Ireland

Veronica Collins, Scotland

Vicki Aspenberg, New York, USA

Victoria Stone, California, USA

Virginia D’Angelo , Argentina

Wendy Hill, Oregon, USA

Wtodzimierz Cygan, Poland

Yael Medina Mizrahi, Mexico

Yieheng Zhao, China

Yramaia da Poian, Brazil

Yvette Caron, Quebec, Canada

Yvonne Eade, Australia

Zlatka Andreeva  Bulgaria

Zofia Werblicka, Poland

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Previous     Exhibitions

World Textile Art  ://

Fundacion Pablo Achtugarry

Punta del Este, Uruguay


Curator: Pilar Toban Escabar

World Textile Art  ://

Fundacion Achtugarry

Punta del Este, Uruguay


Curator: Pilar Toban Escabar

From Lausanne to Beijing, 2016

Shenzen, China

Curator: Kelly Liang

Roscommon County Council, 

Roscommon Ireland , 2018

Curator: Frances Crowe 

Craft Ontario, Toronto, Ontario Canada


Curator: Janna Hiemstra

The Doyle and Margaret  Hartman Gallery

Regis University, Denver Colorado, USA


Curator: Aneesha Parrone 

Tuch & Technik Museum

Neumunster, Germany


Montreal 2014.jpg

Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles


Curator: Louise Lemieux Berube

Craft Council of BC

Vancouver, British Columbia Canada


Curator: Barbara Heller

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